Meet the world's first modular AGV

The eQart®

Born out of the idea to make our customers world-leaders in intralogistics and our relentless pursuit of innovation and challenging the traditional and unsustainable way of material handling

– we developed the eQart.

A unique AGV that is designed to accommodate you, your processes, and your operators.

With no need to change your existing infrastructure or material handling fleet.

Without the AGV frustrations. And for your ever-changing needs.



from 60 min

The Future Of Automation Is Flexible.

By keeping the original FlexQube concept and complementing it with smart modules, we can offer a flexible, affordable, and user-friendly automation concept.

This means that you’ll never have to compromise on your requirements. Design your ultimate AGV based on your processes, operators, materials, and facility. Find your perfect solution, guaranteed with our modular concept.

Mark Route. Record. Use.

Long investigation times. Complex implementation. Difficulty integrating with existing material handling carts. Extra costs. It’s time for an AGV without these headaches. The eQart is developed to be the most user-friendly and simple AGV on the market. That’s why we have focused on minimizing the time spent on investigations and implementation.

The result, an AGV that is possible to implement in just a couple of hours. Mark your route. Record it. And you’re ready to go.

Automation without AGV frustrations.


Traditional AGVs/ robots are only available in limited sizes. Whereas the eQart is available in any size up to 2510mm / 98 inches.

Easy Integration

In traditional AGV implementations, the AGV and the cart are separated, which can cause sensor integration issues. With the eQart, the cart and AGV are within one platform, eliminating this issue.

Say goodbye to bad ergonomics

Using AGVs can lead to issues in regards to proper ergonomics, with the eQart both safety and ergonomics are improved. Having a modular concept that can be adapted for a safer and more ergonomic facility helps everyone involved.

Stop investigating & begin installing

The fastest way to take your first steps into automation. The eQart is a real industrial automation system that means you can begin installing today and realise benefits tomorrow.

Never Misses A Shift.

Run time


Technical features.


0.7 m/s.

1000 kg / 2200 lbs.

2000 kg / 4400 lbs.

Regular tape or a painted line

Hokuyo Laser Scanners.
Creates a 360º view with no blind spots

Station accuracy
± 1 cm.

Pallet eQart

Pallet eQart

Towing Pallet eQart

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