Our maintenance and repair services

Elevex brings together the finest expert technicians in its 3 service centres. Each location is proud to offer full workshop services—allowing us to take on big jobs—as well as a fleet of service vehicles for the quick and efficient repair and maintenance of forklifts and all manner of handling equipment, on-site.

Our modular maintenance and preventive maintenance programs take into account the specifics of your particular forklifts, such as their make or model.

We can manage your fleet with a real-time analysis of your forklifts in order to optimize their performance and safety, while reducing operational costs.

We also handle the inspection and maintenance of battery components and chargers, which are essential to optimal operation and increased longevity.

Mobile Unit Service

Our mobile units are fully equipped for the repair and maintenance of your forklifts, so much so that we probably already have the right parts on the vehicle to carry out a repair on-site at your place of business.

No time to lose? Mobile units guarantee that response times are as quick as possible.

Our mobile units’ expert technicians are factory trained and certified to repair all equipment models, no matter the make, be they new or pre-owned.

Contact a member of our team today to learn more.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

Our maintenance and preventive maintenance programs are fully adaptable and support every make and model of forklift.

With the help of a member of our team, you will identify the options and services required for your equipment. We will then suggest a complete and personalized maintenance and preventive maintenance program that takes into account the specific details of your handling equipment.

Prevent downtime and its resulting loss of productivity by letting our technicians pinpoint and repair minor problems before they turn into major ones. Our mobile units take every required step on site in your place of business, making sure you always have access to your equipment.

A good maintenance and preventive maintenance program increases not only the lifespan of your equipment but its safety as well.

Safety—our priority

The safety of your forklift drivers and cargo handling employees is your priority… and ours too!

We firmly believe that a good maintenance and preventive maintenance program increases not just the lifespan of your equipment but the safety of its operators as well.

Our expert technicians can carry out an extensive inspection of your forklift fleet to ensure its safety. They can even pinpoint and repair minor problems before they become a risk.

Our technicians can also do an emissions analysis focused on four volatile gases emitted by internal combustion forklifts to make sure they are within a safe level.

Elevex also offers a range of products to boost the safety of your work environment. The “Linde TruckSpot” for example, projects an optical symbol on the floor when a forklift is backing up. Safety is increased with this early warning system that provides excellent visibility.

Quick and efficient service calls

We know that a breakdown can happen at any time. We also know that all downtime results in loss of productivity that can quickly become very costly.

This is why we have brought together some thirty of the finest expert technicians in our 3 service centres, thereby allowing us to take on the preventive maintenance or repair of your handling equipment in a quick and efficient manner, all over Quebec.

An emergency service is also available upon request.

To speak to a member of our team about the options available to you, contact us today. You can rely on Elevex to offer you the best service at all times, no matter the make or model of your handling equipment.

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