Hyundai BR-9 series

Hyundai BR-9 series
Hyundai BR-9 series

Hyundai BR-9 series

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Designed for narrow aisles, the thin profile of the BR-9 series ensures efficient operations and maximizes space utilization. The newly designed power steering control allows smooth and precise driving in tight spaces.


Hyundai forklifts are precision-designed with trusted and proven components and systems from leading OEM’s.  They are manufactured with the highest grade of steel due to Hyundai’s dominance in the steel and shipbuilding industries.

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  • Moving mast design 
  • Load indicator system (standard) 
  • Curve control system 
  • Stand-up operator 
  • Wet disc brakes 
  • Easier and quicker access to the battery


  • Higher residual capacity 
  • Load weight data available for maximized productivity and increased safety 
  • Limits travel speed for precise and safe turning 
  • Increased productivity with frequent boarding und onboarding 
  • Reduced brake maintenance 
  • Reduction of downtime and battery maintenance costs

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