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Automated Trucks


Automated guided forklifts (AGF) represent the future of efficient internal transportation. They free employees from the most exhausting transport tasks, increase productivity and reduce the error and accident rate in the warehouse. With the electric forklifts, pallet trucks and tractors of the MATIC series, Linde offers a wide range of high-tech automation solutions. All models are equipped with intelligent navigation and safety technologies, but can also be used in the classic way, in manual driving. All models are platformed on series manufactured trucks.

AGF Tow Tractor
Horizontal Transport


The Linde P-MATIC is theautomated tugger-train specializing in highvolume horizontal material transport.

It is designed for hitching carts and trailers up to 11,000 lbs total.

It is frequently used in warehouse and production logistics for the delivery and take-away of raw materials, packaging materials, work in progress, finished goods, and for the disposal of waste products.

Within a milk-run application, multiple routes with several stations can be replenished by a P-Matic fleet.

Lean tugger train systems allow for the movement of multiple loads at the same time and combine in-and outbound flows.

AGF Pallet


Linde’s L-MATIC automated pallet stacker specializes in horizontal transport interfacing between floor and low height transfer locations.

It is a counterbalanced stacker designed to transport pallet loads up to 2200 lbs throughout the warehouse with lift capabilities up to 10 ft.

It is frequently used for A to B pallet transport applications replenishing productions lines. L-Matic fleets commonly interconnect a pallet storage system, for instance Very Narrow Aisle (VNA} storage, with workstations or goods receiving and staging in logistics hubs.

The L-MATIC is ideally suited to handing over to/from floor locations, conveyor interfaces, and small buffer racks.

AGF Reach


The Linde R-MATIC is the automated narrow aisle counterbalanced forklift specializing in high-level narrow aisle storage.

It is a counter-balanced moving-mast narrow aisle truck designed to move loads up to 3,500 lbs with lifting capabilities up to 33 ft.

It is frequently used in pallet storage applications of raw materials, packaging materials, work in process, and finished goods.

R-Matic fleets are commonly used for multi-tier selective racking applications, block storage, gravity (FIFO) racking, and multi-deep shuttle racking (LIFO & FIFO).

R-Matic systems can handle versatile load profiles and combine high lifting capabilities with the flexibility of handling diverse and complex applications.



The K-MATIC is Linde’s automated very narrow aisle (VNA) turret truck specializing in high density very narrow aisle pallet storage.

It is a very narrow aisle {VNA) turret truck designed to move loads up to 3090 lbs with lift capabilities to 45 ft.

K-MATIC is frequently used in full-in/full-outpallet storage applications in the warehouse, servicing distribution centers and production sites in high-SKU-variety, high-density, very-narrow-aisle applications.

K-MATIC based automated storage and retrieval systems [AS-RS] are typically replenished by smaller pallet handling AGF or conveyor systems.

K-MATIC VNA systems are scalable compared to stacker-crane alternatives as they can freely roam between aisles without the need for hardware fixtures and infrastructure.

Smart Order Picker

iGo Neo

Ensures fast and accurate order picking of goods. Innovative iGo Neo technology. Operates autonomously under operator guidance Intuitively adapts speed and direction of travel to the task at hand.

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Automation at all levels

MATIC Forklifts are suitable for the most varied areas of application in the flow of goods. Overall, there are four main areas of use:

  • Automated tractors are used for transporting goods.
  • Automated order picking pallet trucks lightly lift goods, transport them and set them down.
  • The Pallet Stackers and Reach Trucks of the MATIC series are responsible for picking up/depositing goods at medium and high heights.
  • VNA Trucks help automate tasks even in the tightest spaces and at great heights.


Linde MATIC trucks are managed by a geo-navigation system. With a range of up to 100 feet, four laser sensors scan the surroundings of the truck in all directions (standard version). A 3D camera placed on the highest point of the chassis monitors the direct environment of the truck. The data from these two detection systems are centralized. This allows the forklift to be coordinated with other automated forklifts and to circulate the MATIC models in the tightest spaces.

No need for an external orientation system, such as rails arranged on the floor or light reflectors. If used in a new location, the cart fully maps its new surroundings.

The advantages of AGVs and Linde-MATIC trucks

  • Causes no damage to the truck or its surroundings
  • Up to 98% availability including maintenance
  • Guaranteed continuity and efficiency
  • Very safe for personnel and the environment
  • Can be used automatically or manually
  • Longer life than manually operated forklifts